How to use EVE Master

EVE Master works only with Fixed Window and Fullscreen modes of EVE Online. You are not limited to other settings. You can use any Window size and others.

After installation and success sign in to the app. You should download any ‘node’ from the Node Store. For example, let’s download the node Autopilot. Write in the filters section Autopilot and press Enter. Press DOWNLOAD on the found Autopilot node, wait for a second, and press OPEN.

The node opens. This is how the Autopilot algorithm looks like. You can explore if you want.

Now, you should press the CONNECT button in the top right corner and choose your EVE character. EVE Online should be launched and a character should be selected and loaded.

When the connection to EVE was established. Make sure your ship is in space and destination set. Press the Play button in the bottom right corner. And immediately open EVE Online window.

Well done! You have successfully executed your first node.
Let’s explore how to create a new node!

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