EVE Online automation / bot tool

EVE Online is a great game, but much routine every day, why should we do that again and again? We have so advanced technologies in our futuristic days, let’s make gaming better as well. Bring the amazing modern technologies to EVE Online! That is automation time!

by Master

Killing Rats

All of us need some ISK. Especially when are not close to PC, sleeping, at school, or at work. Browse at Node Store in the EVE Master to find need bot for you. Or just create it using EVE Master, it is so easy!

Zero Autopilot

Do you have a faraway destination? But in-game autopilot warps to 10km before the gate, and has a long delay before start warping? Yeah, it is trouble. That is why the Node Store exists Autopilot node. And few extra versions. For example F1 Zero Autopilot. Or any other F button.

Mining bot

Mining is different, it could be in High Secs or even in Null Secs. At the Node Store, you may find any specific type of mining bots. Configure it, select minimum shield value for running away, select structure or station to dock, percent of cargo fullness before unloading at a station. Runaway if neutral detected in the system. Doesn’t work for you? Just make a copy of the node and customize it as you want!

EVE Master is an automation/bot tool for EVE Online. The keyword here is the tool, for creating bots or any kind of automation algorithms and logic. Of course, you can download already created by somebody fully functional bot for your needs. But if you need – you always can make a copy and customize and as you need with no limitations.

You have control over everything on the EVE Master. Taking any data from the game, and make automatic logic for making decisions in a specific situation. Mouse and Keyboard under the automation algorithm control.