How to play any EVE bot

Make sure your EVE Online client has setup
“Fixed Window” or “Fullscreen”.

Download bot from the “Store”, don’t worry all bots are free. Store is a place where all bots (which we call “nodes”) are located.

Download and Open any bot you want, let’s look into “Ratting Combat” bot as example. All bots are similar in setup anyway.

Play Config

This is a place where you can setup all parameters for your character and needs. At the top of the screen that is dropdown menu where you can choose one of multiple play configurations.

The most confusing and the most important parameter here is the “Station Path” (in some bots it can be called “Go safe command”). That is a path via context menus to the station or structure where your ship should be docked if something happens.

In my case it should be:

Stations/Jita - M4 - Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Offices

We can make the path shorter, because for each new context menu window you can choose just unique part for the window items.

Stations/M4 - Caldari Business

If you have any kind of problems with name of the station, you always can change any part of the path to an Index. Index is a number of the element in the context menu window. Index always starts from 0. It means the index of the first item is zero. The index of the second item is 1.


Or even


Different bots may use the path little bit different, so make sure to read description below the parameter.

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