How does it work?

EVE Master is the app for Windows OS. It scans memory of EVE Online game in runtime. Based on the scanned date bot makes decisions what to do next. Bot uses keyboard or mouse simulations to make an action in game.

Does it need fixed EVE resolution (1080p)?

No at all. EVE Master is flexible and can work with any EVE window size and different nested window layout in-game.

Is it free?

Yes, just limited in session duration (20 minutes). You can buy “pro minutes” to unlock the duration. Minutes are spendable. While you run a bot, each minute you burn one minute from your balance. If you stop a bot, it doesn’t burn, no matter how long you don’t run it. Pricing.

Is it safe to use?

Hell yeah! Zero bans since release date (1 Jan 2020). Just follow simple suggestion. Don’t run a bot 24 hours per day 7 days per week and you will be fine. 8 hours per day should be enough. Also you can multiple bots in the same time, all of them for 8 hours a day.

EVE Master clicks 100 pixels above buttons.

Make sure you have EVE in fullscreen of fixed window modes.

Why it is so safe to use?

There are many protections layers, the goal is not being detected. EVE Master does many things for that on a fly. Some of them won’t be shared in public because CCP reads it also. Let me share part of security things.

That is Human Simulation. It contains many small tricks. It works out of the box.

– randomized delays, each action gonna be activated with random delay in time.

– mouse trajectory, every time when EVE Master moves mouse it happens through complex curved trajectory similar to how human does it.

– mouse position randomization, EVE Master never clicks on the same pixel at single button, the position is randomized.

– Delay Configs, special settings menu where you can change delays for each action.Delay Config

What are the keyboard keys to stop a bot?

CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE – it is a toggle shortcut to start or stop opened bot in EVE Master.

Where to pay? I can’t find the button at website

The payment button is in the EVE Master app. Also you can try EVE Master for free.

Can I pay VISA/Mastercard?

No, only bitcoin accepted

Can I customize or create my own bot?

Of course, EVE Master was made in idea for anyone to create his own bot, or change a popular bot to your own needs. Read more.