How to create bot


Node – is a dedicated and completed piece of logic with input and output properties.

Root Nodes – nodes that are integrated into the EVE Master app.
For example: ‘EVE UI Get’, ‘Mouse Click’, ‘Flow Split’, ‘Multiply’, ‘Divide’, and many others (more than 100).

User Nodes – created by the community. Could be downloaded from ‘Node Store’ in the app.
For example: ‘Is Docked’, ‘Autopilot’, ‘Is Neutral’, ‘Warp To Station’, ‘Warp To Random Asteroid Belt’ and many others (hundreds and community generate a new one every day).

User Node is most interesting there. The type of node exists from other nodes. They are wrapped inside. For example, the node ‘Autopilot’ contains around 10 different nodes linked together and work together for creating autopilot behavior.

EVE Master autopilot node inside
EVE Master autopilot node inside

Not all User Nodes provide behavior, some of them provide data. For example, the node ‘Is Docked’ provides data about ship status and does not interact with the game by mouse or keyboard.

You can create your own node and test how it works. It is free!

Pro Nodes

All nodes are free to use excluding pro nodes. These nodes may interact with the game by mouse or keyboard. Visually Pro Nodes have a golden glow effect as shown below.

Pro Nodes

Pro Nodes could be executed for free. The number of sessions is unlimited, but the session (execution time) is limited by 20 minutes. After that, you should just restart the Pro Node or buy Pro Minutes in the EVE Master app.

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