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EVE UI Hierarchy Viewer

When you want to customize or create your own bot, UI Hierarchy Viewer will help you a lot. App works with data from EVE Online client, that data are similar to folders and files on your PC. But just called “UI Element”, each UI Element can contain other UI Elements, this creates a hierarchical structure. Hierarchy Viewer helps you to browse through all this hierarchy.

Let’s look at how to use EVE UI Hierarchy Viewer. UI Elements represented as a table, in one moment of time you may see just UI Elements relevant to a single parent (UI Element on top). So, we have children and parent UI Elements.

Each UI Element contains properties. The number of properties may be different that depends on which UI Elements you are looking for. But some properties almost always exist: Index, Name, Type, Position. You may see these properties as columns in the window. Each property is clickable, after click, this element added to your UI Request.

If you click on the UI Element Name property, and in the column exists UI Element with equals Name, will be opened the first one. The same happens with any properties. That means, better to always open UI Element by unique property. If no one left, you always can use the Index column.


Other properties are accessible by pressing a small blue button on the right side of UI Element, and also clickable. Some of them are usable, some of them are not. For example “_color” very useful if you want to find UI Element by color. One more useful property is “iconSprite” which contains the name of the image inside.

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