How to use EVE Master CLI

1. Download & install EVE-Master-CLI

Extract archive to any folder and start EVE-Master.exe

You may use standard Terminal / Console to execute a command directly. And even to create your custom script to run sequence of commands.

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2. Download BOT (Node = Bot)

Replace “NodeId” with real Node Id of a bot you want to use. Get Node Id at the bottom of this page.

To get NodeId of your custom bot or someone else bot just found this bot in EVE Master bot editor and press WEB button to open web page of the bot and get the ID from the web page.

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3. Create PlayConfig

Replace “MyConfig” with real name.

Modify PlayConfig after creation in any text editor.

4. Play (Don’t forget to modify PlayConfig file first)

5. CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE to bot stop

You can create custom script (.bat file) with bunch of EVE Master commands. If any EVE-Master’s command execution failed with any reason it returns non zero result. You may use this information for your custom script decision making.

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Featured EVE Online bots

Bot nameNode Id
BOT RATTING COMBAT SITE (ANOMALIES)44ba8979-04cb-4f45-9926-04dc147b1b0d
BOT AUTOPILOT – OVERVIEW + SLOTS895d65c8-9e59-4e89-9a65-7445b7502738
BOT AUTOPILOT – OVERVIEW + KEY06972366-aa9c-4405-b7a4-4a03c85c0aef
BOT AUTOPILOT + KEY25f70655-6c88-4301-b7a4-51c111fa359a
BOT AUTOPILOTdb85eb46-4ac3-4310-b8f2-7d1884135c9c
BOT NEUTRAL ALARM5586f2f4-464e-4b9f-8d91-a75d07d3ecd4
BOT NEUTRAL ALARM – FREE9b1e162a-0ba4-49d2-9318-10669f90f36e
BOT MINING BELTS AND ORE SITE (ANOMALIES)69d3115f-9805-42a8-becb-08ebee31b5e1
BOT MINING MOON TO STRUCTURE DIRECTLY1b1eb414-c39b-4ce8-abfe-ea4d78c14b71
BOT MINING FLEET – MINER UNIT0e51902b-f8d0-4c3d-a7e4-cb4df5484d23
BOT MINING FLEET – MINER COMMANDER [ORCA OR PORPOISE]73347eef-07e3-41a5-8089-0b13b9744538
BOT TRADER BEATS BUY AND SELL ORDERS FOR SINGLE ITEM4e1bf37e-20da-497c-bb61-fad335cb7fdc
BOT FLEET MEMBER – EXECUTE COMMANDS248fd331-110e-4a13-ad7e-1616383f9ced
BOT FLEET MEMBER – WARRIOR SUPPORT1eafeb5e-6379-40b4-bc3f-8e5d5e629562
BOT CARGO TRANSFER BETWEEN STATIONSe343b469-4c71-4f37-9ab5-0888406401fa
BOT CHAT SPAMMER93177771-cb96-4248-ae3f-5de870e41eb8
BOT INTEL WRITERdf800c5d-1a2d-40a6-bed8-a4e96fd353a9
BOT D-SCAN ALARM9564b807-9a5b-4103-a60e-ab780f087abc
BOT CAPSULE ALARM4cb85ced-5eeb-425a-bfc3-1eff5e391137

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