EVE Master commands

EVE Master is a complex solution that has multiple different apps. This topic shows and describes the list of commands for the core EVE Master app (also known as EVE Master CLI).

Each nested command in EVE-Master has -h option. Use the help get more information from it.


EVE-Master [command]

  auth          Authorization operations.
  node          Operations with nodes. Node is a logical entity that contains
                data and can be executed, could be a complex bot or a simple action.
  playconfig    Operations with PlayConfigs. PlayConfig is a file that contains parameters for node(bot) execution.
  snapshot      Operations with EVE Online data snapshots.
  mod           Operations with mods. Mod is a file that contains changes to nodes.
  test          Testing nodes.
  utils         Utils commands.

EVE-Master auth [command]

  login, sign-in     Login into EVE-Master account. Please don't try to use your EVE Online account here.
  register, sign-up  Create EVE-Master account. Please don't try to use your EVE Online account here.
  logout             Logout from current account

EVE-Master node [command]

  download <nodeId>           Download specific node(bot) and dependencies to local database
                              [default: db85eb46-4ac3-4310-b8f2-7d1884135c9c]
  update                      Update node(s) in local database to the latest version from cloud database.
  play <nodeId> <playConfig>  Play selected node(bot) [nodeId: db85eb46-4ac3-4310-b8f2-7d1884135c9c, ]
  delete                      Delete node(s) from local database
  print                       Print nodes information from local database.
  upgrade                     Upgrade all nodes by recursively looking for newer version of nested node and updating it.
                              When it happens parent node version incremented that may trigger waterfall of updates. 
                              This feature is also known as 'Deep nested nodes upgrade'.
  publish                     Publish node(s) to cloud storage

EVE-Master playconfig [command]

  create <file> <nodeId>  Create default PlayConfig file for a specific node [default:
  play <file>             Play related bot to the PlayConfig
  print <file>            Print PlayConfig information. []

EVE-Master snapshot [command]

  create  Create snapshot from EVE Online at current moment

EVE-Master mod [command]

  create <file>                            Create mod file for node.
  apply <file>                             Apply mod to nodes (without version incrementing!!!) and save changes in
                                           local database. Nodes become modified that means they are different from the
                                           same nodes stored in cloud database. Other people won't have this changes.
                                           If you need to change nodes with version increment to upload it and share
                                           with others - take a look at command 'apply-test-upgrade'
  apply-test <modFile> <testFile>          1. Apply mod to nodes.
                                           2. Run tests. If at least single test failed, abort and drop changes.
  apply-test-upgrade <modFile> <testFile>  1. Fetch and Update all local nodes.
                                           2. Apply mod to nodes.
                                           3. Run tests. If at least single test failed, abort and drop changes.
                                           4. Keep changes just for nodes with write access.
                                           5. Increment version of modified nodes with write access.
                                           6. Upgrade all nodes with write access in local database recursively to
                                           force them to use latest version of modified nodes.
                                           7. [Optional] Publish upgraded nodes to cloud storage with current privacy

EVE-Master test [command]

  create <file>  Create dummy test for node.
  play <file>    Executing tests collection.

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